.. listening to these great music artists..
.. why do they sing, what they sing??
dr. mabuse (.mp3) propaganda
superstition (.mp3) stevie wonder
asimbonanga (.mp3) johnny glegg & the savuka
we are the world (.mp3) m.jackson & l.richie
listen to the message (.mp3) club nouveau
exodus (.mp3) bob marley & the waillers
we medley (.mp3) a.blondy; b.marley; m.finest & patrice
dear men (.mp3) a.m.p.
cosa sara (.mp3) lucio dalla & francesco de gregori
iko iko (.mp3) dixie cups
impact of cosmology (.mp3) kyasma
games without frontiers (.mp3) peter gabriel
frozen (.mp3) madonna
sveglia ragazzi (.mp3) eugenio finardi
eldorado (.mp3) subzonic
believer (.mp3) marla glen
black magic woman (.mp3) carlos santana
i don't want to talk about it (.mp3) everything 'bout the girl
what have they done to my song ma? (.mp3) melanie
il mio nome e mai piu (.mp3) ligajovapelu
pickin on me (.mp3) skunk anansie
i can see clearly now (.mp3) johnny nash
today (.mp3) patrice
the flower in my own (.mp3) m.m.&p.
figli (.mp3) toto cutugno
99 luftballons (.mp3) karo f. & a.m.p.
schindler's list (.mp3) diana brajdic
one (.mp3) u2
andremo in cielo a piedi (.mp3) andrea mingardi
jerusalem (.mp3) alpha blondy
s'vogelliesy lied (.mp3) berner oberlaender @ s.j.f. / u.j.f.
priority quest (.mp3) a.m.p.
l'anno che verra (.mp3) lucio dalla
ma che sara (.mp3) edoardo bennato
shape shuffle (.mp3) poxy, diana & h.groenemeyer
all over your face (.mp3) h2o
favola d'adamo ed eva (.mp3) max gazze
nascita di un lago (.mp3) angelo branduardi
uffa uffa (.mp3) edoardo bennato
dis go dis way, dis go dat way (.mp3) mother's finest
wanabe (.mp3) spice girls
i turn to you (.mp3) melanie c.